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Gargoyle gecko Handling, Setup, Diet, Enclosure

Get all information about your pet, ‘’Gargoyle gecko’’ its handling, diet, setup and enclosure. This reptile gets its common name from the cranial bumps that give the appearance of horns or ears; In fact, auriculatus is Latin for “ears” or “eared”, depending on the case. Gargoyle coloration generally includes earth tones such as creams, yellows, tans and browns,… Read More »

Bearded Dragon Vivarium Size, Temperature, Setup

Read about the vivarium size, temperature, and setup for bearded dragons. As bearded dragons are our most common reptile companion it’s important that we know the correct way to care for them. This blog post will show you how to turn your vivarium into a bearded dragon setup. Bearded dragons need UVB light on top of the basking… Read More »